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From Misalignment to Delivering the Right Messaging Every Time

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Key Results

Better alignment between marketing and sales

Data-driven insights into messaging tactics

Tailored messaging by persona

Streamlined onboarding and specialized coaching

Searching for Flexibility

As a leading remote communication platform that provides fast, reliable video conferencing, chat and mobile, Zoom understands that effective communication is invaluable. The sales development team at Zoom wanted the flexibility to change messaging for sales templates when appropriate, but needed a way to track what messaging was working and share it across the team. After implementing Outreach, Zoom can now effectively test and share insights into specific messaging to better reach their customers.

Overcoming Misalignment and Manual Processes

Lindsey Liranzo, Director of Online Sales and Sales Development at Zoom, describes what life was like before they implemented Outreach just one year ago. “We had disjointed tools and none of them talked together.” Zoom’s sales stack of different tools meant multiple data sources, either with conflicting data or none at all, making it difficult to share insights across teams. As a result, their marketing team was forced to manually relay information to the sales team and reps were using spreadsheets to track successful messaging. But there was no data to determine if that messaging could be successfully replicated for a different customer, and managers couldn’t identify what was working or when a follow-up was needed.

After implementing Outreach, managers can now track specific metrics and identify their most successful cadence. Liranzo notes that, “it’s great to have that control and be able to see on a dashboard what’s actually working.”

"Having Outreach to target a certain title, or a certain line of business was the real game changer because we were able to go after the right people at the right time, with the right message."

Lindsey Liranzo

Director of Online Sales and Sales Development

Guided A/B Testing = Targeted Messaging by Vertical & Persona

Now, Zoom’s sales reps use A/B testing to test their messaging and change it to optimize their reach. With easy-to-read dashboards, the team loves that the platform automatically “bubbles up a winner” and allows them to both share it internally and relay insights to marketing.

“A/B testing is at the forefront of everything we do and send. We try and go somewhere between science and art, and allowing our reps to control some of what they're sending out so it goes with their own talk track, or cadence.”

Once Zoom laid a foundation for their ideal customer profile, they began to stratify their messaging by persona to help differentiate the messaging by decision-makers’ title and across verticals.

“We found that people were hearing different things and wanted to know different things about Zoom. And so having that specific Outreach for a certain title, or a certain line of business was the real game-changer for us.”

With Outreach, we were finally able to get everybody on one page and actually using the same sequences that we were seeing success with.”

Replicating Top Reps from Day One

For new hires, Liranzo says that Outreach allows them to get integrated into best practices on day one. As she notes, being able to show new reps the activities and steps of their most successful sequences allows them to thrive from the beginning. “We can really just coach somebody to what we need them to learn or tweak depending on how successful they are.”

The analytics in Outreach also gives reps control over when and who to reach out to based on their territory. “We use that right off the bat in terms of … the vertical that they reach out to and what time they work. It allows them to have that science into when to reach out and who to reach out to.”

Liranzo says that, “With Outreach, we were finally able to get everybody on one page and actually using the same sequences that we were seeing success with.”

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